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Boat and Yacht Maintenence

TMG Diving

TMG is a superior Commercial Diver Service to fulfill all your underwater needs. No Dive Job  is too small. From our central location in the Fort  Lauderdale area, TMG Dving services all of South Florida as well as  the Bahamas. 

Zinc Replacement

Anode inspection and replacement is included with Hull Cleaning. With over 1200 zinc anodes available, we have competitive pricing with no markup costs. 

Prop Repair/ Replacement

TMG is a full service Prop shop which specializes in propeller replacement and repair. We'll cater to you whether your vessel is dry docked, at your personal dock, or even at another prop shop. We also remove and install bow and stern thruster propellers as well. 

Hull Cleaning

 In addition to cleaning each month, we inspect the entire underwater  portion of your boat for noticeable problems. We also check the zincs  and replace them when necessary to eliminate any electrolysis damage to  your boat’s running gear and all metal. By utilizing our monthly service, you won’t have to  worry if the underside of your boat is clean or if your zincs need changing. 

Inspection and Photograph

A full inspection is mandatory on each vessel regardless of the job. Underwater photography is also included on the hull, all running gear, zincs, rutters, keel clearance etc. 

Miscellanious Repairs

If any concerns arise during inspection, we will notify you immediately. Whether it be burnt zincs, running gear, or hull damage. We are prepared to handle all repairs on site.